This is the blog of who will be a Ph.D and a researcher of aerospace engineering. For the first step,I aim to study at the graduate school in the USA.



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Research Interests
Today I’ll introduce my research interests.

I feel excited when I simplify really complicated phenomenon (especially the phenomenon which scale is large and is related to transportation systems, machines, and mechanism) by using numerical expressions.
Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) is one of the most interesting fields for me.
I’d like to analyze the effects take place around the transportation machines, not only of the direct physical phenomenon, but also of the things from general viewpoints (I mean, such as traffic jams, airplane management systems of airports and controlling of expressways).
The keyword is,
‘modeling of the complex phenomena,
‘large scale’, and
‘vehicles which have their own engines’.
(I’m looking for an internship at the companies related to those interests).

Another interest is the controlling system engineering.
I’d like to develop cars, airplanes, and rockets which can manage themselves and move automatically.
I like robots too, so in the research, I want to get over the division between the research related to robot development and vehicles.

I like to think things from a really large perspectives, and then, analyze them using numerical formula. (I often program the phenomena to make them to be seen practically)
Besides, I’m really excited when I drive, when I use expressway, and when I look the engine of cars.
I always try to do everything rationally and efficiently.
And I reflect the mechanism of many large things in this world.

I’m looking for a best place to research about what I’m really interested in, so please feel free to contact me, especially if you are studying in such fields.

See you soon.


Self introduction♪
Nice to meet you and thank you very much for visiting this blog.
This is the blog who really would like to study and get the doctorate of Ph.D of aerospace engineering, and be a great researcher and a pioneer.

Though I really love to study engineering, I'm a medical school student in Tokyo.
When I was a high school student, I hoped to study engineering in the university, but I realized that getting some kinds of stabilized license is really important. We can't foresee what kinds of disaster will hit us. My future dream from when I was little to be a great researcher of engineering must be a hard way, so I decided to study medicine in the university and get a license of doctor first in Japan, and after that, study what I really want to do and aim to be a researcher.

I'm in the second year in the medical school, and I started to prepare to study abroad to get a Ph.D.
I have to go to the medical school for 6 years to get the doctor license, so I have 4 years to prepare for the admission of the graduate school of aerospace engineering in the USA.

The reason I started this blog is to communicate with many researchers, professors, and students (especially studying engineering to get doctorate) all over the world.
I'd like to know more about engineering and how to study them by myself.
I want to discuss where the development of technology will go in the future.

Now I'm wondering what I'll study specifically in the graduate school, so please let me know about your research!!

My dream is to be a researcher of engineering and be a pioneer of today's technology.

To achieve this goal, I made some steps.
①graduate medical school and get the doctor license in Japan
②study engineering hard besides of the work in medical school, write papers
③get contact with professors and researchers all over the world
④get the internship and study engineering by working in Japan
⑤pass the admission of the graduate school of aerospace engineering in the USA
⑥get fellowship or RA, TA in the USA (or in Japan)
⑦write wonderful dissertation
⑧try hard to be a great researcher
⑨contribute to the development of technology in the world

Now I try hard the ②,③,and ④ parts.

Studying engineering besides of the work of medical school is so tough, but I have to get over to learn basic skills to study and research engineering in the graduate school.

Getting contact with professors is more difficult than I expected (one of the reason of this is that the classes of the school is too busy to attend congress...), so I wish many of the researchers and professors get access to this blog.

And I believe that studying by internship is really important, so I sent e-mails to many companies to let me work with them as an engineer. I study the basic of engineering by myself, and want to study the way to apply them in those companies. I sent e-mails and got some interviews, but couldn't get a nice answer from them...I'll try hard on and on.

This is the introduction of me.

Please give me many comments and let's have a lot of communication!!
I'd like to discuss with many people who have a strong dream in the engineering!!